Verification of VetVisuals member identity


Subject to our ‘Subscriber Terms and Conditions’, VetVisuals® International has established and will periodically evaluate its process to confirm that:

  • a person who is enrolling in the VetVisuals® Learning Management System (LMS) is the person who has completed the VetVisuals® Membership application form
  • an authorised user taking a quiz, assessment or examination is the same person  who registered to take the quiz, assessment or examination
  • the authorised user who is registered for all online courses is the same person who participates in, completes, and receives credits for the course.


To authenticate identities, VetVisuals® will use one or more of the following methods for verification:

  1. A secure login with user name and password
  2. Authorised users (members) have to complete their user profile fields, including user profile picture.
  3. New or emerging technologies and practices that are effective in verifying student identification


All authorised users of the VetVisuals® LMS are responsible for maintaining the security of usernames, passwords, and other access credentials as required. They are responsible for all activity on their accounts.


An account is given to an individual for the exclusive use by that individual. It is against VetVisuals® policy for an authorised user to give someone his or her password or allow others to use his or her account.

Attempting to discover another authorised user ’s password or attempts to gain unauthorized access to files or mail of another authorised user is prohibited.